A new Itaway itinerary in your area?

  •  Are you a politic rapresentant of a naturalistic or historical area?
  •  Do you already manage a rental bicycle shop?
  •  Would you like to activate a new Itaway itinerary in your area?

New itinerary

Do you want to appear on an existing route?

  •  Are you the owner of a restaurant, B&B, cellar or a bar...
  •  You're happy to have as guests cyclists and groups of cyclists
  •  Would you like to be found as 'Bike friendly' on an existing route.

Appear on an existing route

Want to sell Itaway tour?

  •  Are you a tour operator?
  •  Would you like to include in your packages Itaway e-bikes proposal?
  •  would you like to cooperate with Itaway and its turistic structures?

Cooperate as Tour Operator

Bike guides

  •  Are you a bike guide?
  •  Do you like to lead groups of bikers with e-bikes?
  •  Do you know better routes and you want to propose them?

Become a Itaway guide