C3 When the Duke was a Farnese

Ischia di Castro - Farnese

36.00 Km

2.50 h


The circuit C3 meet the C2 in Pianiano (small medieval village), where it starts on an asphalted road with low traffic and goes on towards Ischia di Castro and Farnese; eventually you will be able to go back to Pianiano or to continue on the circuit C1 near the sea.

After visiting the historical center of Ischia di Castro, the route pass through the natural reserve of Selva
dell’Ammone, a woodland surrounded by small hills, the ideal place to take a break and discover the flora
and fauna of the Maremma. From here it continues towards Farnese, also included in the duchy of Castro,
that in ancient times was extended from the Lake Bolsena to the Tyrrhenian Sea.